Chakras and Relationships – Sahasrara

Chakras and Relationships – Sahasrara

Sahasrara the crown chakra is our connection to source. There is pure Oneness at this level, as it is without the duality that exists at the level of the other chakras. If we think of chakras as levels of consciousness, as has been proposed in this series of articles, then the level of consciousness of Sahasrara is the experience of being aligned with and at one with all. We experience this in some states of meditation, when personality and ego drop away, and people regularly experience this during Psychedelic Assisted Therapy with Psilocybin or LSD.

At this level of consciousness there is a sense of understanding the timeless nature of existence, beyond the current body or personality.

When someone is at that level of consciousness, there isn’t a need to know or explain what it means to exist beyond the body or for death to have no meaning. It’s an understanding without words, dogma or spiritual philosophy and is instead a direct experience, that once had- cannot be unknown or forgotton.

Other chakras are described as being more or less activated or aroused. An individual may have strong awakening of one chakra and not much on another. Sahasrara isn’t understood like this. We all are born, live our lives and then die with Sahasrara fully connected to source. We cannot turn that off or make that connection bigger or smaller, regardless of how much practice we do. The difference then between us and enlightened Masters is that they are fully conscious and aware and in continuous relationship with that source connection.

The invitation with Sahasrara is to tune into, recognise and dedicate time to honour the connection we all have. We could know it as Source, Universe, God, Goddess, Oneness, Void, Nirvana or a million other names. As soon as we try to name and describe we move back into the consciousness of Ajna in the mind- to know, Anahata the heart, to love and be in relationship with that, or Manipura the will, wanting to be right about it. Yet at the level of Sahasrara there is no separation and those concepts become meaningless. We ARE that.

Being in a human relationship when one or both people have a deep awareness of this level of reality can of course be blissful. Especially if both have tools to move into that connected space together. Couples that meditate together often report being psychically connected even when they are miles apart. If one person has the awareness of source through Sahasrara and the other doesn’t, it can feel lonely. Sahasrara is beyond personality and ego, so the person who spends a lot of time at that level of consciousness can be quite detached, uninterested in worldly affairs or responsibilities. This feels amazing to be around, there is a sense of ‘being high’, but when bills arrive to be paid, or deadlines and responsibilities inevitably role around, the person living in Sahasrara won’t help and this can cause enormous frustrations and ruptures in relationships.

Ideally to live our best possible lives and thrive in relationships, we need all the levels of consciousness represented by the chakras to be available.

We need the grounding and stamina that our root, Muladhara brings to feel safe and secure in the world. We need some of the sensual, juicy, lushness that Svadistana- the sexual chakra brings to help us stay creative and have fun. We need the will power, discipline and confidence that Manipura, the navel chakra brings to help us be assertive and successful. We need the love, compassion, curiosity and awe that Anahata the heart chakra brings to stay connected in life. We need the ability to connect with our voice and our truth that Vishuddha, the throat chakra brings. We need the mental clarity, focus and concentration that Ajna, the third eye chakra brings. If you have the capacity to act from these different levels of consciousness and move between them in response to the circumstances you find yourself in, you will be a highly content and successful human, your relationships with others will flourish and you will be able to move with ease between many situations and circumstances. Sahasrara is the cherry on the cake. The awareness that none of it really matters as there is ultimately nothing separate or outside of oneself is deeply healing and comforting. May all humans have the grace and blessing to experience and know this deeply. As you read this, may you be happy and healthy and well.