When you see me for relationship counselling, your relationship becomes my client. 

You wouldn’t wait until your car broke down to get it serviced, so don’t wait until your relationship breaks down to receive counselling.



To Regain Closeness


Improve Communication


Change Patterns of Conflict


Improve or Regain a Healthy Sex Life


Recover from Infidelity or Breaches of Trust


Wanting to Start a Family


Deciding Whether to Separate


Deciding to Open the Relationship or Become Exclusive


Coping with Grief as a Couple


Sexual Issuess and much more...

Couple having relationship counselling in Cairns


Ella worked at Relationships Australia as a counsellor for 3 years, and has supported hundreds of couples. All genders, sexualities, relationship styles and bodies welcome.

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$180 (60 minute session)

Face to Face or via Zoom

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Is relationship counselling worth it

Many couples find that talking to a person external to the relationship, who isn’t there to ‘take sides’ or judge you in any way can be extremely valuable. It’s so easy to get stuck in power struggles or problems that seem to go around and around for ever without a resolution. An experienced Cairns relationship counsellor can help you identify your patterns and provide tools to help you overcome them. You wouldn’t keep driving your car without getting regular services, counselling can be a bit like a service for your relationship- why not invest to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

What do relationship counsellors do

During relationship counselling in Cairns or via zoom, you will discuss the strengths and challenges of your relationship. A couple counsellor can help you understand unhealthy patterns and learn strategies to change them, help you regain closeness and intimacy, talk about difficult stuff in a safe environment and support your relationship to thrive.

What questions do relationship counsellors in cairns ask

During relationship counselling, the topics of conversation will be led by the couple. Ella will always ask permission to ask certain questions and give the option to talk at whatever level you are comfortable. You will be asked about the strengths and challenges of your relationship and you will be asked what you would like to change in the relationship in order to be really fulfilled.

Does relationship therapy work

Relationship Therapy supports couples to examine the patterns in their relationships. Ella will give some strategies to help  both people feel important, understood and appreciated. When coming for couples counselling, the relationship becomes the client. This means that Ella is not interested in who is ‘right or wrong’. The session is a time to explore how both people can get their needs met, and suggestions are  delivered without blame or judgement.

How much is relationship therapy

Relationship Therapy with Ella Shannon is $150 for an hour session. Some private health rebates may be available depending on your provider and level of cover.

How to choose a relationship counsellor

It is important to find a counselling that you ‘click’ with. Peruse the website and see if it feels like a good match. Ella’s approach is down to earth and warm. She has supported hundreds of couples over the last 6 years and has a wealth of experience with all sorts of issues and presentations. You can only know if the counsellor is a good fit for you by attending a session. There is no obligation to return after one session, but taking that first step for counselling shows that you value your relationship and are willing to work on it.

Will counselling save my marriage

Couples come to counselling at different stages of distress. Many couples have attended relationship counselling Cairns and improved their relationship dramatically. For counselling to be effective, you need to be willing to do the work. You might see it like going to a personal trainer. They can suggest exercises and dietary changes- but it’s up to you to make those changes. Other couples may realise deep down that they are not really compatible any more, and use some counselling sessions to help them work out if there are things they are willing to work on and change. Other couples may use counselling to come to terms with the reality that the best thing for everyone would be to separate.

will counselling help my relationship

Cairns couples who are committed to working on their relationship can gain massive insights, support and benefit from receiving counselling for their relationship.

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