Evolution of Intimacy Podcast

Recorded and Produced for Cairns FM 89.1  &  Aired Weekly 8-9pm Fridays QLD Australia

E35 Embodiment with Jacqui Ward. Find out more about Jacqui here: https://waysofthewildwomb.com/

E34 Body Image with Laura Lee. Find out more about Laura here; www.bluespacepsychology.com.au

Dissociation & Sex with Dr Bianca Sebben

by Ella, Interviewing Dr Bianca Sebben

E33 Dissociation with Dr Bianca Sebben. Find out more about Bianca here; www.consciousinsights.com.au

Anorgasmia with Stacey Micallef

by Ella, Interviewing Stacey Micallef

E32 Anorgasmia, with Stacey Micallef. Find out more about Stacey here; everybodysexology.com.au/

Neurodiversity, Sex and Relationships with Deb Vanderwerp

by Ella, Interviewing Deb Vanderwerp

E31 Neurodiversity, Sex and Relationships with Deb Vanderwerp. Find out more about Deb here; deborah-vanderwerp

E30 Male Sexual Challenges with Cam Fraser. Find out more about Cam here; www.cam-fraser.com

E29 Compulsive Sexual Behaviours with Silva Neves. Find out more about Silva here; www.silvaneves.co.uk

E28 Erotic Blueprints with Dr Jae West. Find out more about Jae here; www.jaewest.com 

E27 Embodied Masculinity with Rod Gordon. Find out more about Rod here; www.martinahughes.com

E26 Shibari with Skye Stevenson. Find out more about Skye here; www.evolvedlovers.com

E25 Orgasmic Confidence with Mangala Holland. Find out more about Mangala here; www.mangalaholland.com

E24 Sacred Intimacy with Martina Hughes. Find out more about Martina here; martinahughes.com

E23 Attachment Injuries with Chris Pye. Find out more about Chris here; www.asinglestep.com.au

E22 Awakening Pleasure with Female Intimacy Coach Suriya Nitschke. Find out about Suriya here; linkedin.com/in/suriya-nikko/

E21 Sexual Health Literacy with Sexuality Educator and Therapist Vijay Ramanathan. Find out about Vijay here; www.integratedsexualhealth.com 

E20 Affairs with Dr Stephanie Azri. Find out more about Stephanie here: stephanieazri.com

E19 Mismatched Libido with Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist Sandra Pertot. Find out about Sandra here; www.clinicalpsychologysolutions.com.au

E18 Gender Diversity with Pablo Navarro. Find out more about Pablo here; www.truenorthpsychology.com.au

E17 Sex and Fertility with Monica Cook. Find out more about Monica here; www.reconceived.com.au

What is Sexology Anyway?

by Ella, Interviewing Laura Danger

E16 ‘What is Sexology’ with Laura Danger.

E15 Perpetual Problems with Kristen Campbell. Find out more about Kristen here; www.kristencampbell.com.au

Sadness & Loss Related to Sex

by Ella, Interviewing Karen Triggs

E14 Grief and Loss Related to Sex with Karen Triggs. Find out more about Karen here: www.karentriggs.com.au

E13 Sexual Energy with Buddhist Psychotherapist Simone Dowding. Find out more here; simonedowding.com

E12 Power Dynamic Relationships with Victoria

E11 Sex and Longterm Illness with Sherry Robbins. 

E10 Sex and Ageing with Richelle Menzies of Sensual Potential. Find out more here; www.sensualpotential.com.au

Yoni Mapping & Sex after Childbirth

by Ella, Interviewing Mumma Mae & Kassy Drummond

E9. Yoni Mapping and Sex after Childbirth with Mae and Kassy.

Follow Mae here; facebook.com/hellomummamaeYMT And Kassy here; instagram.com/thattalksexology/


by Ella, Interviewing Kirsty Nancarrow of eMotion Video & Production

E8. Endometriosis with Kirsty Nancarrow. More about Kirsty; www.linkedin.com/in/kirstyrnancarrow/

Endo support; www.endometriosisaustralia.org/

Pornography and Young People

by Ella, Interviewing Sex & Pornography Researcher Giselle Woodley

Episode 7. Pornography and Young People with Giselle Woodley. Find out more; twitter.com/Zosogis

Multi-Partnered Relationships

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Anisa Varasteh

Episode 6. Multi-Partnered Relationships with Anisa Varasteh. Find out more;  www.relatesexology.com

Female Sexual Difficulties

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Madalena Grobbelaar

Episode 5. Female Sexual Difficulties with Dr Madalena Grobbelaar. Her website is www.womensexualityaustralia.com.au

Gential Herpes

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Kate Campbell

Episode 4. Gental Herpes with Sexologist Kate Campbell. Find out more about Kate here; www.linkedin.com/in/kate

Episode 3. Kink and BDSM with Amy Hannon

Episode 2. Sex Work with Luxury Companion, ‘Amber Gold’. Follow her here; instagram.com/the.amber.gold/

Delayed Ejaculation

by Ella, Interviewing Alana Shapiro of Bare Intimacy

Episode 1. Delayed Ejaculation with Alana of Bare Intimacy. Learn More about Alana here; www.bareintimacy.com.au