Evolution of Intimacy Podcast

Recorded and Produced for Cairns FM 89.1  &  Aired Weekly 8-9pm Fridays QLD Australia

Delayed Ejaculation

by Ella, Interviewing Alana Shapiro of Bare Intimacy

Episode 1. Delayed Ejaculation with Alana of Bare Intimacy. Learn More about Alana here; www.bareintimacy.com.au

Episode 2. Sex Work with Luxury Companion, ‘Amber Gold’. Follow her here; instagram.com/the.amber.gold/

Episode 3. Kink with Amy Hannon

Gential Herpes

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Kate Campbell

Episode 4. Gental Herpes with Sexologist Kate Campbell. Find out more about Kate here; www.linkedin.com/in/kate

Female Sexual Difficulties

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Madalena Grobbelaar

Episode 5. Female Sexual Difficulties with Dr Madalena Grobbelaar. Her website is www.womensexualityaustralia.com.au

Multi-Partnered Relationships

by Ella, Interviewing Sexologist Anisa Varasteh

Episode 6. Multi-Partnered Relationships with Anisa Varasteh. Find out more;  www.relatesexology.com