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Talking to a therapist is a powerful step towards healing. Ella is highly experienced and trained in trauma treatment, mental health, addiction, grief, separation, EMDR and more. Reach out for a session today.

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why counselling is important:

Seeing a counsellor is a wonderful investment in your wellbeing. We have all been affected by past situations, relationships and events that can continue to impact the way we live our lives in the present. When you are experiencing hard times, it can be great to have someone who is there purely to support you and listen to you. Seeing a great counsellor in Cairns or Online can provide coping strategies and facilitate healing so that you can live your life in the way that truly feels right, and be the person you truly want to be in the world.

counselling vs psychologist

A counsellor is trained extensively in the art of listening and supporting people. They use a variety of modalities to help people live the life they want to and to be free from issues and challenges that hold them back. Counsellors have a varying level of qualifications and experience. Ella has a Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Science, Diploma of Counselling, Masters of Sexology and has undertaken many further post-graduate trainings. A psychologist has a undergraduate Degree in Psychology, and then extra training to be certified. Psychologists focus more on assessments and diagnoses than counsellors, but may use similar therapeutic approaches. Psychologists charge a lot more than counsellors, but some of this may be covered by Medicare if the Doctor identifies that the client has a mental health issue they need support with.

are counselling and therapy the same thing:

The terms counselling and therapy are used interchangeably and may mean different things to different people. Counselling could be seen as a more present time focus. Counselling can help identify patterns, learn new ways of being and can provide  coping strategies and a listening ear. Therapy can be seen as more longer term relationship with a Cairns counsellor and online therapy is also highly effective at overcoming things that might be holding you back. Therapy might include going back in time and healing the past. Ella can provide both counselling and therapy in the above sense, and calls herself a counsellor and therapist.

Can counselling help anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. It doesn’t feel very nice, but it gives us humans information about the environment and helps us stay safe and free from harm. For some people- anxiety becomes a foundational feeling, and interferes with daily life and from having deeply connected relationships. Counselling Cairns can provide you with tools and strategies to cope with anxiety. Ella utilises Acceptance and Commitment therapy to help people live thriving happy lives despite feeling anxious.

When is counselling required

Even happy and well adjusted, high functioning people can benefit from receiving counselling. We all have times where we feel we are not coping very well. Counselling can help you learn about yourself, can help you find ways to be the best version of yourself and can provide a safe space to talk about things that are bothering you without judgement.

how much does emdr therapy cost:

Therapists that offer EMDR will charge varying rates. Sessions with Ella are $180.

why is emdr effective

EMDR is effective because it helps people to reprocess things that happened in the past so that they don’t affect them in the present. During EMDR, you don’t have to share full details of difficult or challenging things that happened for it to be effective, so many clients feel a relief that they don’t have to retell their story in order to heal. EMDR works via the Adaptive Memory Network and supports the brain to do what it naturally does to file away memories that were not difficult.

how often should emdr be done

EMDR therapy takes minimum 6-12 sessions and many people have regular sessions for 6 to 12 months or more. Depending on each person’s past will determine how long they would be in therapy for. It is advised to have sessions every week or at the least every fortnight. Some people choose to process only certain areas or memories and may take only a month or two of work to do so, others will choose to keep working until they are totally free of the impact of the past.

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