Lesson 1

Class 1. Heart Rhythm Entrainment for amazing Connection

Read below, watch the short video & then have fun practicing together!

What does it mean to have a really successful relationship?

Have you been in the presence of a really powerful couple? Where you feel openand comfortable around them as if the affection, love and appreciation between themis palpable in the room?

It’s as if when they are together-everyone and everything is somehow going to beokay.

This week you’ll learn about ‘heart rhythm entrainment’ and ‘resonance’. Fancywords for the flow state between couples like the one I described above.

Heart Rhythm Entrainment is when the heart rhythm patterns of two people comeinto synchronicity. Studies have shown that this sometimes happens naturally whencouples are sleeping in the same bed, between people who are closely bonded andbetween mother and baby.

It is possible to practice and learn how to ‘attune’ to each other inthis way at thelevel of the heart, to create a deeper experience of connection and to enhance thebond between you.

This is similar to the Tantric application of ‘Resonance’. Resonance is another wordfor ‘synchronised vibrations’. My partner who is a scientist explains it like this “it’swhere the vibrations of one thing influence the vibrations of another thing that has asimilar vibrational frequency.

“So if you and your partner are “things with similar vibrational frequencies” then youcan come into harmony with each other. If you are not currently feeling ‘in harmony’then you can do some practices that will help you to find this attunement. You hear itall the time in everyday language-“oh we are just on the same page” or “I really likehis vibe” or”We just seem to really GET each other” etc etc.

Starting the course with some exercises that will shift you as a couple into avibrational match, or resonance with each other, creates a strong foundation. Whenyou can soften into each other at the levelof the heart-all the little worries of lifedon’t seem so serious anymore.

You can also practice the exercises in this video before love making and once youget used to them, can incorporate them during sexual intimacy too